Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Father's World

This year we are using My Father's World ECC. We are loving it so far. Sass even said, last week, that she loves school this year. She likes doing more stuff, not just writing in workbooks and reading. She may not understand all that we are doing, but she likes it. Little man doesn't complain at all. I think this year may actually be fun. :) They love using the maps.

We're still trudging along with Math-U-See. Slowly but surely we will finish. Little man is about half way done with Beta and Sassy has about 7 more weeks left of Alpha. I was hoping to have her done with it my the end of this month, and him done at Christmas, but they are having a hard time comprehending basic math facts. So we are taking the next two weeks and do flash cards for review. I don't know why I worry about it. It's not like they're going to "real" school anytime soon.

Sassy is still working on her reading. But, my motto is "She'll get it when she gets it." I'm not gonna worry about it. She's in 2nd grade and I think it'll click my the end of this year. She lacks the confidence, really. She doesn't even wanna try most days. We're using McGuffey readers for both of them. So she reads one story every day. It's just the right length, so she doesn't freak.

We're just using a simple workbook for his spelling. A page a day....Perfect. I need to get one for her. She hasn't done spelling yet. I think a workbook would be perfect for her. I think it would help her be comfortable while learning new words. I think I'll get one this week. She does better knowing that if it's in a book/lesson, then she has to do it without complaint. I like that. :)

I'm actually doing science this year. I hate science, but they love it. So, I'll be teaching it. :)


Shannon said...

Duh... I thought I was already watching this blog when you added it.

So, what workbook do you use for spelling... I know it is the beginning of the year and I have curriculum already, but I am re-evaluating EVERYTHING.... Crazy time to do that, but I would rather do it now that struggle through a lot of unnecessary boring stuff and realize in two years that there is such a better way... four kids and craziness needs simplicity!

Angela said...

I knew you would love MFW, it is wonderful! My 2nd grader doesn't totally have reading down either. I'm like you, it happens when it happens. LOVE your new blog


Michelle said...

My kids did ECC last year. I was sad when we weren't doing it this year. I've been surprised though. Each year brings new and interesting things to their education experience. Creation to the Greeks is not ECC, but it is just as interesting and exciting. I am learning something too! We started using MUS as well last year. We tried using the Singapore, and previously Bob jones. I have a 5th grader who just is starting to learn multiplicatin. The only time I stress about it is when we have to take those mandatory assessment tests at the end of the year. Otherwise, I know she's getting it. And she was a late reader too. But you might want to know that after years of struggle, she now loves reading. So hang in there! They'll get it. I think it helps to find out things they are interested in. My daughter loves animals, so she is now going to the library and getting all books related to animals. She can't get enough. And she's becoming a great speller too. So just keep encouraging your kids. They might not pick it up right away, but they will!

Angela said...

She will eventually get it, but really do check out the 100 easy lessons book.

When you first get it, skip the first 20 pages (titled for parents or something like that).

That part is all about why and how and it's majorly boring. I put the book away for months because I couldn't make it through that horrible section.

Just jump to lesson 1 and get started. Everything is scripted. So you don't need to read the first part or have any other info. The only useful part in the front is the chart that says how to make all the sounds correctly.

Best of luck. My son had the hardest time. But he's 5 now and reading well. He can read the bob books and some dr. suess like "go dog go" and "red fish blue fish"

I started early with him b/c we have a lot of speech and shyness issues (he didn't talk until 3 and so some of his sounds are off), so I wanted him to be ahead at school so he could focus on making friends. phew! It's been a long road. But this book was awesome! Let me know if you try it out.