Friday, December 25, 2009


I pray all of you had a nice and snuggly Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New plan

I can not wait til next year. I am so looking forward to doing school with the idea of taking December off. I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed staying home, watching Christmas movies, playing games and just playing with each other. This has been the less stressful Christmas season we've ever had. Although I've not let out of the house, at the risk of them getting sick. Go to my other blog for that whole story, and you'll get a glimpse into my craziness.

I even printed out a lapbook for the kids to do this week, but never did it. Maybe next week. I think they'll be beside themselves, so I'll need some kind of distraction. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Less stress

After experiencing many sicknesses in our house over the past two months, I've decided to take off December. I know that sounds crazy, right? But I have been so stressed and I need this break. I've never done this. The kids are just doing math and reading. I've decided that we will do fun things instead. Yesterday we made a gingerbread village. We had fun even though it turned out awful. :) See my other blog for photos. The day before that I baked cookies while they played. They've been making crafts all by themselves. Even my anti-fun boy is doing them!! Yesterday they were punished for complaining by not being allowed to watch TV at all. They were forced to find things to do. They usually play all day anyways, but this time time there was no break. They were forced to get creative. They were up super early, so it made for a very looooong day, but we survived.

I love how not doing formal school is really making this month less stressful. I am feeling great. Now all I have to do is stay away from people, so we don't get sick again, and all will be great. :)

I think we'll take next December off as well. I like the break. As I sit here, I can hear my kids laughing and playing in the clean basement. (No TV makes for a lot of cleaning time) You can even see the floor now!!

Well, that didn't last long. They just asked for "Prep and Landing". We recorded it two days ago. So it begins.

Friday, December 4, 2009

weekly highlights

I am so sick of winter already, and it barely started. This week Sassy decided to get sick again. Bronchitis, infected tonsils and right ear. And it make it even better, she had to sleep on one couch for two nights, while I slept on the other. By sleep, I mean she coughed til about 2, then woke at 6ish. We never got any sleep. So needless to say, we aren't doing any school. Little man is doing math only. I think I'm gonna take the month off. I don't wanna start Europe for two weeks then a two week break. Pointless. So we are gonna do math and reading and crafts and baking. Fun stuff. I hate this.