Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day, kinda

We've been doing school for about a month now. But it's been so sporadic, due to the kitchen, or lack thereof. But, today is the local schools first day. So I figured we best do something today.

We were gonna work on Latitude and Longitude. I've waited long enough though. I had to poke holes in our new kitchen walls. :) Hubs was fake crying while I push the little push pins in the wall. It had to be done. I can't teach geography with out our big maps. I only put up the world, not the U.S. That will be after the counters.

They did pretty good. Sassy will be embarrassed to see her jammies in the picture, but we don't get dressed for school. I'm still in my jammies as I type this. Comfort is key. School at the table, desk, floor or where ever you want. No stress.


H-Mama said...

that's our homeschool uniform. sassy should wear it proudly!! ;)

The Mom With Brownies said...

I'm loving the Kitchen Color :o) Can't wait to keep up with your HS days. Wear the jammies proudly....one day I may get brave enough to put up a picture of me in mine. LOL

Crystal said...

We wear jammies every school day as well! My oldest actually gets frustrated when I tell her to get dressed!

As for the map, we used that wall putty stuff so we didn't need to use push pins but it started to rip off the paint! NOT good. I think push pins are the better deal!