Friday, September 25, 2009


Some days I wish I could move to the country, where my house is the only house on the street. Why, you ask? Well, I hate that my kids don't have any neighborhood kids to play with. I mean the kids around my house are the same age as mine, and they all play together. They are nice, but mine don't get invited over. So mine just watch them from the other side of the fence. I feel bad. I think they look at mine like they are weird or something. Well, they are a bit odd, aren't all homeschoolers? :) I just wish that they wouldn't even have to deal with that. If we were all alone, they wouldn't have a care in the world. I think I'm just gonna have to have friends over after dinner time. We usually do our play dates after lunch, til about dinner time. So the other kids never see my kids with friends. It doesn't seem to bother mine. It just bothers me.

Does anyone else feel this way?


Cheryl said...

Yes, but my problem is that our neighbor boy is a bad influence. The other kids in the neighborhood are alternately hot then cold. Thankfully my HOMESCHOOLED son has the maturity to rise above the situation and not let it bother or effect him. But like you said, it bothers me sometimes...

Shannon said...

I live in an a neighborhood where there are no other kids, so my kids only have each other. There friends are all in neighboring towns and it makes it hard to get them together. That is why I joined the co-op... so my kids don't think they are the only homeschoolers on the planet. We do have a great church group, but I am finding that even there my kids are going to be so different in their raising and teaching. I am hoping co-op will help them form some real friendships. But we are supposed to set ourselves apart from the world, right?! It's hard sometimes... my kids went through some heartbreak over this sort of thing this summer and I decided they NEEDED to be around other homeschoolers.

Lisa said...

Rarely does a day go by when I don't long for country living. I grew up in the country and am still not totally accustomed to the neighborhood environment. Our neighbor kids are the same age as mine and they do play together, but they often are a bad influence on my kids.

I encourage the kids to all play at our house so that I can control the environment - TV, music, etc. And to make our house more appealing, I will sometimes break out a craft or painting project.

My advise to you is to try not to let this bother you (I know that's easier said than done), and do invite their friends over as much as possible. And who cares if the neighbor kids think your family is weird? Aren't we all?! Chances are, the neighbors may be a little jealous or envyous of your educational choice and amount of quality family time you spend together. Many of them may only spend a couple hours a day with their parents, if that.

So, until you're able to pack up and move to the country, ask God for ways to break the barrier between your kids and neighborhood kids so that yours will have the opportunity to positively influence others and maybe even teach them a little about Jesus! What a blessing you are to your children to care about them so much!!!

Nicole said...

Like Lisa I don't let my kids go to the neighbor's house they have to come to mine to play. I think the neighbor's are more glad that I don't sent my for over...they just send their one kid over and really it works out better. I would really love to move to the country too!