Saturday, April 24, 2010

The trouble with homeschooling

This is my second blog and I am not keeping up on it very well. I really wish I could. But the main problem is that homeschooling doesn't happen between the hours of 9 and noon, it happens all day everyday. Homeschooling and our daily lives all intertwine. I keep up on my main blog WAY more than I do on this one. So much of our normal every day lives influence the happenings in schooling. I feel so much pressure, from myself, to try and keep this one going. But I just can't :( So, after long conversations with myself, I've decided to stop writing in this one. But I welcome you all to join me at my main one. I really love the fact that people actually care enough to leave me comments and encourage me. I would hate to see you guys leave me. So PLEEEEEEASE follow me over HERE. I will miss you if you don't.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly review- with pictures

Well, this week was a fun week, I think. We finished up China finally. It felt like we were there forever. Did you know that fortune cookies didn't come from China? That's a U.S. thing.

Wednesday was our last MAFA day. The kids were supposed to perform in the production next Saturday, but they totally freaked out, with tears and everything. They start to panic with the thought of singing in front of people. And Little Man hates to sing. So we decided to let them skip it. Who needs that kinda stress. I know we should make them sing, but I know they would just stand there, or even cry up there.

Then, on Thursday, it was 84 degrees in Michigan. 84!!!! So we decided to build my new garden. So we had 5 yards of dirt delivered that morning. So we didn't do formal school. Sassy had Woodshop.

They both helped shovel dirt in the wheel barrel. So we'll call that Gym. Then they played for hours in the dirt pile. Boy, were they a mess!!

Then today, Friday, I decided to sew a skirt for Sassy. So they did math and LA, then we went to the library(which they actually read books while waiting for me!!), then off to the store for fabric. I found THIS PATTERN and it looked easy. No gathering!! It was a bit long, but I'll shorten the next one I make tomorrow. I am actually making three more tomorrow.

Next week, I am combining the two weeks of Japan into one. I am itching to get done with school. This nice weather is making it real hard to teach and not send the kids outside all day long. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who's ready?!?!

As in, who's ready to call it a year now? I don't know if it's the weather, even though we had rain for three days straight, or what. I always get like this in the spring. I'm just thankful that I didn't order CtC yet, or I'd really not wanna finish. :) But we're still trudging along.

I went to my homeschool mom's night out last night, and one of the moms was telling us that she is done for the year. So, now I really want stop. Maybe I should've stayed home. :) Yeah right. I haven't been to a MNO in a couple of months, so totally needed it. I miss staying up til 1 am talking to my girls. I may go to another one next week. I need to take advantage of Hubs being off on Fridays.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly review- Easter edition

Well, I had every intention of teaching this week. But, then Monday came and I felt like not. :) I was ready to go, I had the week planned. I even came home early from Easter celebration so I could get my lesson plans done. Then, we made plans to have the kids spend the night at my parents on Wednesday. Well, that means no school on Thursday. And, since Kmart was having double coupons up to $2 all week, I needed to get there early everyday to get the deals. So I have a hard time teaching after I've dragged my kids shopping. SO there was no way teaching was gonna get done.

Little man did get math and spelling done on Monday and Tuesday. And Sassy worked on this cool reading/phonics game thing that I have, and some math. So we will do our second week of China next week. I really want to do the crafts, so this will give me time to get them ready.

We have been listening to the Narnia series in the car. They actually wanna leave the house, just so they can listen to it. They won't listen to them in the house, only the car. Strange. But if it keeps us having a quiet car ride, I'm all for it. We are now on the Silver Chair. Only one more to go. They are spoken really well. It's very exciting to listen to them. I can't wait til the Dawn Treader comes to the theater this year.

I hope all your weeks went smoother than mine. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Am I the only one??

OK, I have a question. Am I the only one who gets irritated when other people say they homeschool, but they don't? They say they homeschool when they teach their kids after school and on the weekends, or in the summer. Isn't that called being a parent? Or if their oldest is 3 or 4 and they are teaching preschool. I consider homeschooling if your kids are of school age. Preschool isn't school age. That's again, being a parent and preparing your child for school.

Sorry, but some people just irritate me. I needed to vent.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly review

I must say, this weather is making it really hard to concentrate on teaching. But, I have been doing it, amazingly. :) This week went went to China, but I didn't do all the extra stuff like crafts and reading extra books. So next week should be packed with stuff. We aren't taking an Easter break. We're feeling pretty motivated so why stop now. :)

Little Man is doing excellent with the geography game. He is totally picking it up fast. I'm trying to keep up. We are having trouble with the "stans" though. You know, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and so on......I'm sure we'll get it eventually. Sassy is trying to read the country cards to us. I just laugh. Since she can't manage to read normal words, why on God's green Earth would she try to read those. So she gets mad if we say them first, and the quits. No big deal. We are looking for a general knowledge, not mastery.

Sassy has been trying to read more lately. Even as I type this, she is sitting on the couch with a stack of easy readers and trying to read them. Yesterday she was sitting at the kitchen table with Little man at breakfast, and they were both reading Calvin and Hobbs. It was too funny, cuz 1. They never eat at the same time and 2. They never are that quiet when they eat. It was silent. I was checking blogs and such and no one was talking. I wish everyday was like that. But I'm happy she is finally taking an interest in reading.

I ordered the five Wrap ups for math, and they came in last week. So everyday they are grabbing them and trying to solve the problems. They think they are playing. They don't realize they are learning. Shhh...don't tell them.

Today we are skipping school to go to the zoo. It was 80 degrees yesterday, and they say today will be hotter. So I am getting my review one fast today.

Happy Easter!!