Monday, September 21, 2009

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I've been super busy this past week with my brother's wedding and my kitchen. But this week we will be visiting Mexico. I am super excited. We are having friends over this week to help us make a pinata, and then next week they're gonna come back for a fiesta. Now if only I could stop blogging and listening to K-Love, and start teaching. Happy Monday!


Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if there was anything out there like this. Also, there is a feedback forum for idea sharing on the website (

Lisa said...

We started ECC this year and just started week 3 this week - the United States. Are you using the World Geography workbook? I'm unclear on whether or not we should use it for my 3rd/4th grader (age 9). Can you offer any insight or advise? Thanks!

BTW - I really like your blog site! :) How do you get the non-generic background & borders? (I'm new to this!)