Friday, January 22, 2010

Olympic lapbook

This isn't much of a weekly recap. But here it goes.

With the Olympics starting very soon, some of my friends were looking for lapbook ideas. One of my friends in my homeschool group sent this to us. I bought it. It looks so cool. Here's the site.I can't wait to start next week. It says it can take up to a month to do all of it. But, I plan on doing it in less. I also have Mario and Sonic at the winter Olympic games, that we're gonna do with school also. The kids are gonna be surprised when they get to do the Wii during school. I am gonna earn brownie points with them. :)

I've been sick all week AGAIN! I feel like bricks are sitting on my cheeks. So, needless to say, we didn't do school this week. They did do some math. So now Sassy is done with Alpha and is taking next week to do only online drills. She is super excited. Little man has 5 more weeks to go, then he can take a week off before he starts Gamma. It's only fair.

OK, I'm off to steam my face again. Have a good weekend.


{ jamie } said...

Feel better soon!

Calina said...

Hope you feel better, soon!

I'm sure you will earn brownie points by including the Wii into your homeschool day!

Wonder Mom said...

Wii during school- you ARE the coolest mom ever! Hope you feel better soon!