Friday, January 1, 2010

Back into the groove

I don't know about you, but I'm soo ready to get back into the groove of school again. We've had the best, less stressful December ever. That is a goal of every year, be done by the first week of December. We had a great Christmas and we are looking forward to a wonderful year. Go to my other blog for my thoughts on this coming year.

My school goals are very simple. Sassy will learn how to read securely by the end of 2010. We will be "caught up" to the other kids out there. By caught up, I mean Little man will be doing math that everyone else is doing. We do math-u-see and he isn't very motivated, so we're farther back than I'd like. But I am determined to rearrange my teaching habits to more of a sit down with him and make sure he understands before I send him to do it by himself. I've just sent him to do it, then when he gets it all wrong he has to do it again with me. I'm hoping if I take the time to work with him, he will understand and be less stressed about it.

I've always loved the fact that we're done by lunch time, but I think they aren't "getting it" in that time period. So we're gonna take our time and have fun, and if it takes til after lunch, that's fine by me.We're gonna be doing Europe, so that will take a while. And, I am NOT gonna stress about them learning where the countries are. As long as they have a general idea to where they are, I'm good. Less stress.

As for Sassy, I need to her to read. She can't go into third grade without secure reading. I refuse to read everything to her next year. So she's gonna have to do it and try a little. She's stubborn and won't even try to sound out a word, she just moves on and forgets about it. Arg!! I need her to read. She is embarrassed when other kids find out, but that's not enough to motivate. Maybe bribery will work. Money always works, right?

Well, here's to 2010. May it bring everyone health and wealth, with a bit of smarts rolled in. :)

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Lisa said...

Good for you and your plans! You go girl!!! This is the first time I've looked at blogs in a while. Now that we made it through another wonderful, yet busy holiday season, I too am ready to swing back into a schedule. My children would beg to differ! They would be satisfied to just play all day, every day!

I'll make a post on my plans for the new year as soon as I get a chance. In the meantime, I'm satisfied reading yours and wish you a great start to a new, less stressful year!

And BTW, we almost always continue school after lunch and I still feel like they don't get much of it. I thought about incorporating lapbooks for each continent, but then that's just more work, isn't it? Hummm....