Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly homeschool highlights 10-9-09

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Well, I really don't have must to highlight this week. Since we took three weeks to cover Mexico, this week was a bit light. They read and did math everyday with a splash of Mexico thrown in. They really got a kick out of learning spanish words and sayings. I was excited cuz I knew how to say all of them. After three years of spanish in HS, a little stuck with me. But all the rest, I'm gonna look stupid. :)

They did go to MAFA again on Wednesday. They were learning about WWI and WWII, so they made trenches out of homemade play dough. They were so excited. This is such a blessing to me. One of the people that run it asked me if I'd like to be a teacher's assistant, then one of my kids would be free. Hmm....It sounds tempting, right? But this is MY time. Three hours of no kids...guarenteed. I thought about it, but I just couldn't do it. I NEED my alone time. I was able to download all my Christmas songs into my computer so I could put them in my iPod later. That took an hour to do. I could never have done that at home.

Today it has been raining non stop up here. I feel like I need a boat to go anywhere. So they've been playing all day and watching movies while I bake. I did mix them some imprompto play dough out of flour and water. They loved it! They sat there and played for an hour playing. I was shocked, but happy.

How did your week go?


Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Light weeks are nice sometimes. It's great that you honor yourself by protecting your free time, I have a tendency to over commit then run around in a frenzy. I've been meaning to make some playdough for Bram, he would love it.

Michelle said...

are you doing ECC? I loved ECC. It was so fun. So is C2G's but we have so many fond memories of ECC. My kids still talk about it. great job!

Jennifer Sikora said...

We are doing ECC this year as well. We finished up Canada last week so we did a light week as well, then next week we are jumping into Brazil!

Erna said...

The rain was a bit heavy here too this past week.

Alone time . . . how nice! I try to get mine in as the children sleep in the evening if I can. :0) It is amazing how long some things take to get done, isn't it?

I had to chuckle about learning Spanish . . . it'll likely be the same here when we start up French. :0)

Lisa said...

My kids enjoyed the Spanish also. I made an extra copy the page with the Spanish words and phrases for my daughter. She was very excited about that.

How nice to have alone time! I get it once a month when my friends and I gather for food, fellowship and rubber stamping. I'm so thankful to have that time. It would be so nice to get it once a week!

Why did you spend 3 weeks on Mexico? We're in our 2nd week in Mexico now and I feel behind and wonder if we should stretch it out as well. The kids can't wait for the fiesta though! I'm not sure I can contain them much longer.

How do you have time to bake and make play dough? What's the trick???

Scrapingirl said...

Well, we spent three weeks cuz we were too busy to get it done in two weeks. We kept missing school days. I hate doing that.
As for baking. I just mixed flour and water to their "play dough". It was very fast and easy.

Lisa said...

Is this your first year homeschooling? This is our third with daughter #1 and the first year with daughter #2. It's hard to believe that we have two full years under our belt! I feel a little more organized (espcially with MFW), but still get behind. Like you, I hate missing school days, but it happens. Life happens! I've learned that it's ok. The kids are still learning. Just because they aren't sitting at a desk (or dining room table) doing book work, doesn't mean they aren't learning by some other means. Today, my 6-yr-old decided that she would be a zoo-keeper. She brought all her stuffed animals down to the living room and set them up in "exhibits" and then proceded to give me a tour of the zoo. This, of course, was after she swiped my zoo card at the "entrance" (a table in the hallway)! All the monkeys were in one exhibit, the zebras in another, and so on. Somehow, when she showed me the dog exhibit, our pet dog made her way in! It was too cute. I took pictures and plan to post them soon. Anyway, what a great way to demonstrate what she has learned! The rest of our day was spent catching up on assignments we didn't complete last week. Now we can start fresh tomorrow.

Lainie said...

"Today it has been raining non stop up here. I feel like I need a boat to go anywhere."

That totally cracks me up!

Since it is raining, you might want to do the Mexico No-Sew Fleece poncho activity on the message board. Our girls wore theirs for two years!

Hope things dry out soon!

Wendi said...

I love the homeschool highlights!! I may use that one:):) Great blog:) Thanks for following me so I could find you!!