Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She can be taught!!

I am having the best time teaching Sassy this week. I know I said this last week, but I am just so excited. :) I have been using Phonics made plain with her since last year. But I really wasn't doing it often. She was also doing the reading/language books that go along with McGuffey readers. But this year I decided, after much agony and confusion, that I was gonna take a step back and get back to the basics with her. I stopped using the reading books and I bought a $10 phonics book. She is still doing a lesson in her McGuffey reader every day and I have her do a page or two in her phonics book. I've been doing the letter flash cards so she learns ALL the sounds, and now we're into a few blends. I'm gonna slowly throw in a few more blends every week, just to keep her trying. She has also, just this week, completed all the pre primer and primer sight words. She recognizes all but 6ish. She is so proud and I am super excited. While I watch Transformers2 tonight with Hubs, I am gonna make flash cards with the next batch of words on them. I can hardly contain my excitement over this. I never thought this would happen.

What's even better, is that she reminds me about her letters and words. I get so caught up in the everyday teaching and preparing, I sometimes forget. But, thank God, she never does.

Also, the website that I use for everything, but My Father's World, is Homeschooling books. It's about an hour away from my house, and we used to drive there every year and look around and let them look at all the homeschooling stuff. But they moved to a warehouse, so now we can't look around, only pick up our orders or have them shipped. They are about the same price, if not cheaper, as some other homeschooling catalogs. We like to support our Michigan businesses as much as possible. That makes us very happy. And, as you know, Michigan is going downhill very fast. So if you need anything, check them out first. I just thought I'd add my two cents in. :)

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