Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love homeschooling

Ever have one of those days where you actually think "this crazy homeschooling thing is pretty good"? Well, today was that day. Little man woke up early, had breakfast and then asked if he could start school. My brain may not be on at 7:30 in the morning, but ears are. Did you just ask to start school? Yep, I heard correctly. So, before Sassy was even awake, he's doing his spelling. Sassy would NEVER do that. When she finally got up(8:15) she had b-fast then played for a bit. I asked her if she wanted to start, but, the reaction was interpreted as a big ol' "NO". When little man went for a haircut with Daddy, she wanted to start then.

I was so surprised at how much she is remembering. She struggles with reading, but she's getting better. I was so happy to have her fly through the sight word flash cards and the letter sounds flash cards. She is starting to remember that some letters have three sounds. YAY!!!! Yesterday, she even wanted to write on the white board. She was coming up with simple sentences all on her own, and the spelling was correct also. :) "I sit on a chair. Mom sat on a chair. Dad sat on a chair." She learned how to spell chair from the label on the chair next to her. I labeled lots of things around the house. Chair, door, table, freezer, cabinet, drawer, bathroom, etc. Chair is the only one she remembers. But I'll take it. :)

When I was teaching them together today, there was NO arguing, whining or complaining. I was shocked and happy. I was, again, looking for the hidden camera or a man behind a door with $$ for them if they were good. Now, when I'm done with lunch, I'm taking a nap.

How's your day going?


H-Mama said...

I love days like that! Yay for Sassy!

Emily said...

Moments like those are always so nice!

Shannon said...

Congratulations! ;)

Lisa said...

How encouraging this is for you! We've had days like that too and I cherish them! There was only one time when my younger daughter nearly completed all her work before the older one even got up! That was a great day!

Great idea to label objects around the house. I think I'll try that.

As long as I keep both kids occupied while teaching, they usually do ok together, although they have their moments. My challenge is keeping things moving between them.

I'm so happy you had a great day! Our whole week has been good.

Angela said...

OH, I agree totally! We LOVE homeschooling, I wouldn't trade it for anything!