Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly review

I must say, this weather is making it really hard to concentrate on teaching. But, I have been doing it, amazingly. :) This week went went to China, but I didn't do all the extra stuff like crafts and reading extra books. So next week should be packed with stuff. We aren't taking an Easter break. We're feeling pretty motivated so why stop now. :)

Little Man is doing excellent with the geography game. He is totally picking it up fast. I'm trying to keep up. We are having trouble with the "stans" though. You know, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and so on......I'm sure we'll get it eventually. Sassy is trying to read the country cards to us. I just laugh. Since she can't manage to read normal words, why on God's green Earth would she try to read those. So she gets mad if we say them first, and the quits. No big deal. We are looking for a general knowledge, not mastery.

Sassy has been trying to read more lately. Even as I type this, she is sitting on the couch with a stack of easy readers and trying to read them. Yesterday she was sitting at the kitchen table with Little man at breakfast, and they were both reading Calvin and Hobbs. It was too funny, cuz 1. They never eat at the same time and 2. They never are that quiet when they eat. It was silent. I was checking blogs and such and no one was talking. I wish everyday was like that. But I'm happy she is finally taking an interest in reading.

I ordered the five Wrap ups for math, and they came in last week. So everyday they are grabbing them and trying to solve the problems. They think they are playing. They don't realize they are learning. Shhh...don't tell them.

Today we are skipping school to go to the zoo. It was 80 degrees yesterday, and they say today will be hotter. So I am getting my review one fast today.

Happy Easter!!


{ jamie } said...

We love those math wrap-ups!

Giggly Girls said...

We're not taking an actual spring break either. We're taking off one day per week to go to Busch Gardens. We'll stop going when the public schools let out and resume again in the fall. We've been spoiled with not having to wait in lines. LOL

AFwife99 said...

I am sure you all enjoyed the zoo trip. Happy Easter.