Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly review- with pictures

Well, this week was a fun week, I think. We finished up China finally. It felt like we were there forever. Did you know that fortune cookies didn't come from China? That's a U.S. thing.

Wednesday was our last MAFA day. The kids were supposed to perform in the production next Saturday, but they totally freaked out, with tears and everything. They start to panic with the thought of singing in front of people. And Little Man hates to sing. So we decided to let them skip it. Who needs that kinda stress. I know we should make them sing, but I know they would just stand there, or even cry up there.

Then, on Thursday, it was 84 degrees in Michigan. 84!!!! So we decided to build my new garden. So we had 5 yards of dirt delivered that morning. So we didn't do formal school. Sassy had Woodshop.

They both helped shovel dirt in the wheel barrel. So we'll call that Gym. Then they played for hours in the dirt pile. Boy, were they a mess!!

Then today, Friday, I decided to sew a skirt for Sassy. So they did math and LA, then we went to the library(which they actually read books while waiting for me!!), then off to the store for fabric. I found THIS PATTERN and it looked easy. No gathering!! It was a bit long, but I'll shorten the next one I make tomorrow. I am actually making three more tomorrow.

Next week, I am combining the two weeks of Japan into one. I am itching to get done with school. This nice weather is making it real hard to teach and not send the kids outside all day long. :)


Wonder Mom said...

You are right- it is getting harder and harder to do school when it's so pretty outside!

(Also, I LOVE that the kiddos got to play in the dirt- you are such a cool mama!)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

That picture was taken after the garden was done. You should've seen me when I came home, after the dirt was delivered, and saw the dirt was flying everywhere. Needless to say, I was yelling.

Cheryl said...

I'm impressed with your sewing. I've always wanted to learn how but have never taken the time!

Rachel said...

We have an incredibly difficult time schooling once it gets warm outside...I'm with you there.

Fun week in review!

Lisa said...

Great garden space! Sounds like you had a fun week. Do some school outside when it's nice, if it's not too distracting!

I'm sewing a skirt this weekend also. Yours looks so nice, I'm so impressed!