Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday fun

Today, we actually got everything done. We even did two parts of our Olympic lapbook. We learned about the stadium and the prizes. I'll be taking pictures of them for my weekly review.

And today we had a special dinner. Rachlette(pronounced rock-lay). It requires special cheese, of the same name. You place different meats on the top grill, and different veggies, covered with the cheese, underneath the grill in special trays. It's actually a Swiss dinner, but since we were doing Europe, this would work great. We have a friend who's from Switzerland, and he introduced us to this. It's a great meal to have company over. It takes a long time to eat. Your food can digest and you can have lots of conversation. We like it cuz no one has to get up for anything. All the food is in front of you, it's perfect. :) I wish I thought of taking a picture when it was covered with food, but I was too busy eating. :)

I'm hoping the rest of the week is equally fun.


Lisa said...

Wow, that sounds really good. I'm seeing crepes in our future since we're in France.

I was thinking of you today when I dated the passport and realized we were in Norway for almost a month! Oh goodness! The only thing that helps me to not feel like a total loser is that we continued with Language & Math and we did complete our Penguin lapbook.

Your Olympic Lapbook will be a nice thing to have and you will be so glad you did it. I can't wait to see your pictures! I'll try to post ours soon.

Shannon said...

It will be great... think it and claim it! Try anyway. ;) We had a birthday celebration for my SIX year old!! Hubby was home and we had a FULL day. This week and next week we are working with shortenedn weeks, but I am gonna make it work. We are gonna do what we can and chunk the rest! Ooops! Did I say that?! Yep, I have got to start moving forward and stop worrying about what we DON't do. My husband agrees. He teaches and he says they all do it... they have to or you would never move forward. Maybe we will never be on track with our curriculum, but I have to remember it is not all about that. My kids not more about their Bibles than I did as and early adult! That's so much bigger than the other stuff.