Thursday, December 10, 2009

Less stress

After experiencing many sicknesses in our house over the past two months, I've decided to take off December. I know that sounds crazy, right? But I have been so stressed and I need this break. I've never done this. The kids are just doing math and reading. I've decided that we will do fun things instead. Yesterday we made a gingerbread village. We had fun even though it turned out awful. :) See my other blog for photos. The day before that I baked cookies while they played. They've been making crafts all by themselves. Even my anti-fun boy is doing them!! Yesterday they were punished for complaining by not being allowed to watch TV at all. They were forced to find things to do. They usually play all day anyways, but this time time there was no break. They were forced to get creative. They were up super early, so it made for a very looooong day, but we survived.

I love how not doing formal school is really making this month less stressful. I am feeling great. Now all I have to do is stay away from people, so we don't get sick again, and all will be great. :)

I think we'll take next December off as well. I like the break. As I sit here, I can hear my kids laughing and playing in the clean basement. (No TV makes for a lot of cleaning time) You can even see the floor now!!

Well, that didn't last long. They just asked for "Prep and Landing". We recorded it two days ago. So it begins.


Shannon said...

I see you took the advice you were giving me! LOL!! Enjoy your downtime. We are doing the same somewhat. I am going to have my oldest write "reports" about things we do. That will be her formal schooling... maybe study some multiplication facts... read for leisure... and do arts and crafts stuff... and holiday decorating. They are still doing more than they realize that way. Heeeeeehhheehhheeere!

Lisa said...

It is much less stressful and more enjoyable to not constantly be worrying about fitting everything in this month! We had school the first week of December and then took off. It's been wonderful, except in my case, the house seems to have gotten messier! No TV for my kids means more play time which translates to more stuff out! We're working on our basement.

I downloaded a Christmas lapbook that I'm going to print for my kids to work on. They really enjoy lapbooks but we don't do them as much as we used to for lack of time. This is the perfect time for one that we would not have had time for had we stuck with full school weeks in December. I'll try to post the link on where to find the lapbook in case you're interested in doing it too.

Have fun with all the activities!

Cheryl said...

Not crazy at all! I hope to be organized enough next year to take off mid December to mid January. Enjoy yourself! :)